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Western North Carolina Real Estate: What can I expect for property taxes?

Posted by OldCashiers on April 22, 2019
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Property taxes in North Carolina are assessed and collected at the county level, so there is no property tax rate that applies across the board. However, it’s easy to find current and past property tax rates for every county in the state.

We’ll show you where to look for current rates, and we’ll also show you how to find out when your property is up for revaluation. In North Carolina, real property must be revalued every eight years, but counties may elect to revalue more frequently.

What do property taxes pay for?

Property taxes typically go toward funding public schools, police, public safety, fire protection, and libraries. Basic community maintenance and maintenance of local facilities can also be funded with proceeds from property taxes.   

Do I get a break on property taxes for a second home?

You can deduct property taxes on your second home, although changes in the 2018 tax year affect those deductions. You can no longer deduct the entire amount of property taxes you paid on real estate you owned in the tax year. The total of all state and local taxes eligible for deduction — including property and income taxes — is limited to $10,000 per tax return. If you exceed this limit with your first home, you won’t get additional deductions for your second home.

What are property tax rates in Western North Carolina?

You can find county property tax rates for all North Carolina counties for the past five years at the North Carolina Department of Revenue. You can also download tax rates and revaluation schedules from their website.

Below are property tax rates for Western North Carolina communities in which we represent luxury mountain real estate:

City or Community County Property Tax Rate Next scheduled revaluation
Cashiers Jackson .3800 2021
Highlands Macon .3490 2019
Glenville Jackson .3800 2021
Sapphire Transylvania .5110 2021
Cullowhee Jackson .3800 2021
Lake Toxaway Transylvania .5110 2021


If you have questions about how property taxes are assessed in Western North Carolina or how the value of your real estate will be determined, call us at 828-743-9900.

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